What we do…

We deliver high-quality, full-cycle software solutions, for you:

UX-Driven Design
We offer extraordinary UX-driven graphic design, for an intuitive user interface that makes your customers click where you want them to click.
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Software Development
We develop scalable, high-quality, futureproof websites, apps and backend systems, carefully guarding cost-of-change impact throughout the software’s life cycle.
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Cloud Solutions
We offer cost-effective cloud solutions that guarantee continuous availability and are fully scalable to accommodate your needs, now and in the future.
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We connect all the dots by joining your finance, payment and business solutions through API or customized integration into a single, interconnected solution.
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Security & Privacy
Security is an integral part of everything we design,  develop and deploy. We care about privacy and guard integrity, confidentiality & availability in every layer.
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With the help of automated testing and deployment, we flatten the development cycle to achieve Continuous Integration and Deployment, while actively monitoring the user experience.
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Who we are…

We are a team of professionals, that complement each other’s expertise:

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Not all software is created equal. Stephanie is a UX/UI-designer, Frontend developer and co-founder of WhiteRabbit BV. With a degree in Communication & Multimedia Design from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (2009) and twelve years of experience in the field of webdesign and development, she guides your eyes to the things that really matter with her designs. From the user’s point of view, she provides you with an intuitive and comfortable interface and a strong visual presentation.
Quality starts behind the curtains. Patrick is a Backend developer, Test engineer and co-founder of WhiteRabbit BV. With a degree in Information Technology from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and fifteen years of experience as a backend and integrations programmer, he can write qualitative and complex software. Aside from his software development skills and data conversion skills, Patrick has a strong interest in automation and is therefore also focused on automated testing and quality assurance.
The web without cloud services is nowadays unthinkable. Roger is an experienced Dev-Ops engineer, Test engineer and co-founder of WhiteRabbit BV. He has a degree in Network Infrastructure Design at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and makes sure all systems work smoothly and without interruption, 24/7. With a strong knowledge of Cloud integrations, automated testing and monitoring strategies, he ensures availability and security standards are met throughout our infrastructure. Getting things done before you realise action is needed, is his way of working.
Architecture is the foundation for secure and future proof software. Jacco is the CEO, Backend developer, Application Security specialist and founder of WhiteRabbit BV. He graduated from the Institute of Information Engineering in 2004 and has more than twenty-five years of experience as information engineer, software architect and developer. Not only specialized in a wide range of programming languages, he also focusses on client-oriented communication, being able to speak the language of both the client and the developer.

Bring your ideas to life

We build high-quality software solutions for your business, so you can get things done.

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